Letters from the Management

Again and every year, Mustafa Hammoud & Co. proves its excellence and development of its business more than the other companies in Lebanon and abroad; as well as its belief in Lebanon's leading role in the sectors of paper, printing, binding and publishing, through providing many elements necessary for the continuation of this role.
In order to maintain Lebanon's advanced position in this field, our company is distinguished from others by injecting more funds to cover the financial deficit in this sector locally, as a result of some companies’ drop out from the markets and the retreat of others. The company increased its paper varieties and its volume of business to cover all regions providing customers’ needs of paper and board with the best quality, good price, and perfect delivery timing.
What our company is providing nowadays would not have been achieved without its belief in the companies’ customers creating strong partnership with them to overcome the difficult situation and reach the safe side in this field. In my name, and on behalf of the Board of Directors and shareholders, I thank all those who contributed to the success and development of the company's business from the employees of the company, the suppliers of goods, as well as customers and some banks who, through their integration and partnership, have reached what we are today.
Mustafa Hammoud
CEO & General Manager
Since 30 years, we have strived to provide the best service to our customers. MHCO has become a leader trader in providing a wide range of high quality paper and board in Lebanon, Arab world & African countries. MHCO believes that clients are the biggest assets and we are proud to treat them all in parallel with honesty and trustworthy. MHCO and since its inception, has continued to experience growth in the market and we are looking forward for more development and blooming.
Ahmad Hammoud
Vice General Manager
It is our pleasure to introduce our company through this file; the following pages summarize our past experience, past projects, future goals and practical capabilities.
Mustafa Hammoud & Co. has worked with leading global companies n the paper and cardboard industry for more than 37 years through which we have shared experience, development, progress and growth.
Mustafa Hammoud & Co works in the field of paper and board trade for all kinds & qualities in Lebanon, Arab world and Africa. We provide all the services to meet the needs of the customer in a smooth and convenient way. Our main goal, as the sons of Mustafa Hammoud, the new generation, is to complete the march and develop the achievements of the founding generation under the slogan "We work for you". We serve all customers and all Lebanese territories and all ports of Arab and African countries alike
Mohammad Hammoud
Commercial Manager